Why is SLEEP HYGIENE so important?

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Recently on a UK news broadcast it transpired that the children of today have developed real problems with their sleeping routine. Many hours are being lost through inefficient sleep habits, to the point where children are even being given melatonin as a means to correct their poor sleep hygiene!!  It is thought that melatonin for medicinal purposes is not even suitable for people aged under 55. 

Today we are blessed with so many ingenious gadgets such as laptops, tablets, kindles and mobile phones etc. but with these privileges come the side effect of glaring blue screens affecting our eyes and our brains, usually right up to the moment our faces hit the pillow- it is not uncommon nowadays for people to be on their devices at bedtime, right up to the very second they go to sleep!

The sleep of a big percentage of the population of children whose sleep is being poorly managed, can be massively improved by introducing simple sleep hygiene practice by their parents. 

Adults need sleep hygiene too, and so many of our yoga students at YogaShala Ibiza also come to us with sleep problems.  Why is it that people- particularly young people in their teens and twenties- are not being given these basic life skills when it’s so important?  We learn things, we go to school, we go to classes, but we need these basic life skills and it seems that they’ve just been sidelined and assumed as something that you naturally pick up- however they´re not. 

If you have children between eight and 18, the chances are you’ve heard of the multiplayer online shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale.

There is a great deal of concern about the game Fortnite and how compulsive some games have become and that self-discipline is very difficult to exercise by children.

Furthermore, if you get into a habit of poor sleep, it affects your whole life!  Fortunately, the remedies really are quite simple, we don’t need to go to melatonin, which in my opinion seems to be just blindly reaching for the first thing, which a lot of my students are doing- just googling it, hearing about it, buying it and taking it, it’s not the correct way to go about it.  It needs more planning, more thought and more care.  It needs a certain discipline, and because discipline has become such a dirty word, we need help and guidance to discipline ourselves!  We need help before things spiral out of control and sleep deprivation can trigger other issues. 

So there are certain techniques that we can learn for relaxation, for mindfulness and for sleep hygiene.  We will talk more about these on our holidays and during our teacher training courses. To learn more join us in Ibiza and contact us here at