200 hour Teacher Training Course


Mary Bland is a skilled practitioner based in Ibiza with 22 years clinical experience. Her studies of different forms of bodywork include the Classical Osteopathic approach of body adjustment, specific Sports injuries and neuromuscular taping. She also uses very gentle hands-on techniques that calm and balance the nervous system

Treatment sessions of Integrative Bodywork utilise a combination of soft tissue techniques. These include neuromuscular stretches, deep tissue massage and long lever articulations

Attention is given to both specific and general circulatory, muscular,nervous and lymphatic systems. A focus on myofascial release and midline balance is effective for a deep healing

The treatment helps restore postural and physiological balance

*23 - 27 JAN 2019*

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 09:54

Why is SLEEP HYGIENE so important?

Recently on a UK news broadcast it transpired that the children of today have developed real problems with their sleeping routine. Many hours are being lost through inefficient sleep habits, to the point where children are even being given melatonin as a means to correct their poor sleep hygiene!!  It is thought that melatonin for medicinal purposes is not even suitable for people aged under 55. 

Today we are blessed with so many ingenious gadgets such as laptops, tablets, kindles and mobile phones etc. but with these privileges come the side effect of glaring blue screens affecting our eyes and our brains, usually right up to the moment our faces hit the pillow- it is not uncommon nowadays for people to be on their devices at bedtime, right up to the very second they go to sleep!

The sleep of a big percentage of the population of children whose sleep is being poorly managed, can be massively improved by introducing simple sleep hygiene practice by their parents. 

Adults need sleep hygiene too, and so many of our yoga students at YogaShala Ibiza also come to us with sleep problems.  Why is it that people- particularly young people in their teens and twenties- are not being given these basic life skills when it’s so important?  We learn things, we go to school, we go to classes, but we need these basic life skills and it seems that they’ve just been sidelined and assumed as something that you naturally pick up- however they´re not. 

If you have children between eight and 18, the chances are you’ve heard of the multiplayer online shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale.

There is a great deal of concern about the game Fortnite and how compulsive some games have become and that self-discipline is very difficult to exercise by children.

Furthermore, if you get into a habit of poor sleep, it affects your whole life!  Fortunately, the remedies really are quite simple, we don’t need to go to melatonin, which in my opinion seems to be just blindly reaching for the first thing, which a lot of my students are doing- just googling it, hearing about it, buying it and taking it, it’s not the correct way to go about it.  It needs more planning, more thought and more care.  It needs a certain discipline, and because discipline has become such a dirty word, we need help and guidance to discipline ourselves!  We need help before things spiral out of control and sleep deprivation can trigger other issues. 

So there are certain techniques that we can learn for relaxation, for mindfulness and for sleep hygiene.  We will talk more about these on our holidays and during our teacher training courses. To learn more join us in Ibiza and contact us here at www.yogashalaibiza.com

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Why is it that some people are just natural backbenders and Urdhva Dhanurasana looks like a piece of cake? You simply flip up like a dome and yet for others of us Urdhva Dhanurasana is a great challenge?

Urdhva Dhanurasana as a backbend is really the backbend that begins to open up new dimensions of practice. So Urdhva Dhanurasana is very much a keynote posture and there are so many wonderful ways into that posture that the journey itself as we all know is the point, being on the journey is the point and not needing to get anywhere but having a simple posture in mind as we practice. And we find all of the component parts that help us to work on that journey towards this posture.

So first of all we can look at the classifications of backbends and the levers that we use within the backbends. So I need to in this introduction probably go back to the beginning and introduce how I’m going to structure the article looking at the physics and the structure of the arch and looking at what restricts us and inhibits us.


BackbendsSome of us have muscles on the front of the body that want to stay contracted and take a lot of coaxing, easing and encouragement to psychologically let go. We know that the muscles that contract are switched on by the nervous system, but the muscles that release (antagonists) aren’t following any nerve impulse, they’re simply letting go within the pair-work that goes on in the muscular system to affect movement. So letting go of the abdominal area in preparation.. Supta Baddokonasana can work really well with this on the bolsters where the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen can just have a really passive time when the mind can let go, when the mind takes the awareness to the abdominal cavity and lets go. Then the ilio-psoas muscles which we spend so much time dedicating study towards, these muscles that are major big long hip flexor muscles, take a great deal of encouragement to let go. We find this in practice of the splits (Hanumanasana) and we also need to address it for Urdhva Dhanurasana. Then again with most of us in the way that we’ve been living since the late 90s with continual forward bending over computer screens, stiffness of the shoulders is another area to tackle. So if we start classifying all of our familiar backbending postures then we can start substituting backbends and this is particularly helpful when planning lessons and theming lesson plans for a course.

The neck and shoulders also need some systematic release and Pawanmuktasana and postures that lead to that softening of the shoulders. This is being explored to help teachers assist their students to work towards not only to somehow help teachers to explore their own practice but also for teachers to draw their own students towards this pinnacle posture. Urdhva Dhanurasana requires….is architectural ..like any archway supported by the columns, columns need to be firmly planted and the arch really needs to be…maybe I could even bring in tensegrity, this idea of tensegrity within the arch of Urdhva Dhanurasana.


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Yogashala Ibiza

BWY Norfolk presents an In Service Training Day

A Journey of Sequencing Vinyasa Flow towards Splits practice Hanumanasana

10am – 4pm on Saturday 23 June at Costessey Centre, NR8 5AH

Jacqueline Purnell is qualified to teach the BWY Foundation Course One and Two. She is a qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher and also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga.

Certified as a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, and assisting on Quantum Yoga Teacher Trainings, Jacqueline has completed Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in India with the late Derek Ireland, followed Shandor Remete and attended teacher training of the Shadow School for 6 years. Jacqueline appears in the DVD 'Beyond Dynamic Yoga'.

Yogashala Ibiza

Outline plan for the day
10 10.15 Introduction to the day, structure, tutor and a short explanation of the subject matter. 
10.15 12.15 Practice of Vinyasa Flows 
12.15 1 handout & Theory.

1 - 2pm LUNCH 

2 2.45 Breath, and progression in the Planning of safe front splits practice. 
2.45 3.45 Individual requirements for teachers’ modification.
3.45 4 Evaluation, summary of the day, questions. 

Other information
Please bring along your usual yoga props, mat, belt, and blanket plus blocks x 4 and bricks x 2, if you have them.

Aimed at all levels to create current opportunities to enhance teaching methodologies as discussed.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided and our charity book stall will be open on the day

Full details and to book your place, please visit www.yogashalaibiza.com Cost £35

We look forward to welcoming you. 

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Thursday, 22 June 2017 16:11

Education is our passion!

Education is our passion!

There are many positives and many negatives to virtually every situation in our lives. This can be particularly true when looking at the area of education.

The whole question of education is coming under the spotlight.

While it is important that we look closely at any potential consequences to our actions and choices, with regard to life long learning we tend to find that our life seems to be more pleasant and our health and productivity tend to improve when we do our utmost to adopt an optimistic outlook. We would like to share our positive feelings for the future.

Education is our passion!

To quote Dr. Ruth Gilmore who has been a great inspiration to our teaching and our Courses. Particularly with regard to our emphasis and focus on Anatomy and Physiology.

Our mind and body are the two sides of the same coin”.
Dr. Ruth Gilmore

We believe Anatomy and Physiology to be that basis of everything we seek to create with you and fundamental to those wishing to become a safe, interesting and ever evolving teacher of Yoga.

At Yogashalaibiza we strive to ensure the teaching and learning experience for our students continually improves.

We strive to offer fair and impartial opportunities for student feedback on our Courses and we have an official complaint process. We have also offer Continuous Professional Development opportunities.

Education is our passion!

All of these are in place to ensure that we continue to evolve in ways that not only prepare our graduates to teach, also to bolster our ability to continue to support our students when they take their knowledge and experience gained from the Course out into the world.

Because of our own experience with family members who have been diagnosed within the dyslexia continuum, we have from the outset wanted to make our Courses accessible and practical in nature.

Today the UK Universities are in the mainstream news media, regarding a new assessment of teaching standards by the government of the UK.

The basis for the new assessment has been unveiled, and we are being introduced to the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).
There is a Gold, Silver and Bronze award within the Framework.

Looking at The Independent: “Britain's elite universities are failing to achieve teaching excellence, official rankings have revealed, as the Government publishes its first major assessment of teaching standards in higher education.

More than half of Russell Group institutions – traditionally considered to be the best in the country – did not score a gold rating after entering the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).”

According to The Independent newspaper today of the 21 Russell Group universities that took part, just eight (38 per cent) were given a gold rating, including Oxford and Cambridge; 10 (48 per cent) were awarded silver and three (14 per cent) achieved a bronze.

Education is our passion!

Again The Independent states:
“The University of Portsmouth, Coventry, De Montfort University and Bangor are among those awarded gold status, despite sitting further down in traditional university league tables.”

Professor Dominic Shellard, vice chancellor of De Mortfort,  said the results illustrated “a real watershed moment for British universities”.
“To me, the TEF really demonstrates the passing of the old guard and the ushering in of a new hierarchy,” he told The Independent.

It seems the world of education is being turned upside down, which we rather welcome!

This has sparked new debate over teaching and learning opportunities and fee structures, which are always a hot topic here at Yogashalaibiza. We are restructuring our own fee system to be more adaptable for our students. Here at Yogashalaibiza we are so pleased to say that we are now embarking on a new phase for the future.

Again it is with great thanks to all of our students and Teacher Training and Module students who have worked with us here at Yogashalaibiza over the last (nearly 10) years. As we have always said education is always a two way process and we give heartfelt thanks to all who have been involved with us and especially to the local Spanish families who we work with and we hope to continue to find new ways to support you into the future.

Jacqueline is teaching a BWY In Service Training Day in Surrey in early September we will blog about it shortly.

Watch this space for more news as we move forwards.

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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 08:10

Breathing and Diving

Gain your fitness in beautiful Ibiza environments
2017 Ibiza Yoga Diving Holiday from only £769.00

Breathing and Diving

Spend time above the sea and in the world under the Mediterranean Sea. In Ibiza

Breathing and Diving

Since the age of eighteen, Jacqueline Purnell, founder of Yogashala Ibiza, has had a deep love of Sub-Aqua diving and loves to combine the calming aspect of scuba diving with yoga at many of the magical diving sites for the yoga diving courses and holidays that she runs in Ibiza.

Yoga diving Holidays are perfect for people who want to practice or improve their breathing underwater and dive alongside a huge variety of fish and marine life in the warm and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Ibiza.

Explore new horizons and exist for a time along side the fish in their environment a world where you can truly get away from it all.

Enjoy a vital new world and experience Ibiza from the perspective of the waters of the White Isle of Ibiza.

Depending on your requirements you can become certified with a PADI Open Water Course or a PADI Advanced Diving Course and enjoy an early morning Yoga Class with a very light brunch of fruit and muesli before we set off to dive.

The Yoga Diving Holiday includes:

A welcoming ceremony where we share our local knowledge of magical beaches, authentic and fine dining, and places to dance

(Full concierge service if required at additional investment)

Yoga ClassAn early morning Yoga class per day for five days with one free day: 6 classes altogether. Simple fruit and muesli breakfast except on free day and arrival and departure dates.

Breathing and Diving

Accommodation in Spanish Family run apartments with a pool and with own bathroom.

Massages and treatments including acupressure and deep tissue work. (Available daily depending on requirements charges apply).

Scuba dive options daily except the day off.

For more information, please contact us

Breathing and Diving

DivingThe cost for this retreat is from £769 per week in a shared room in your self-catering apartment (same sex), or to have your own room from £979. Please see costs and dates for more info, prices and availability.

Safety briefing and instruction of equipment

Talk on local marine life

Fast RIB ride out to a local island

Non-swimmers or snorkelers can enjoy our beach or the boat ride.

Diving and Yoga Diving Holidays. Please contact us for more details and to book on.

Breathing and Diving

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Yogashalaibiza offers cutting edge Prenatal Teacher Training 2009 to 2017 Yogashalaibiza offers cutting edge Prenatal Teacher Training 2009 to 2017

Yogashalaibiza offers cutting edge Prenatal Teacher Training 2009 to 2017The Telegraph newspaper in the UK reveals the dozens of neonatal maternity units which have been closed or downgraded since 2010 and the dozens more now under threat.

The move is towards more units being guided by midwives and more home births brings a new tradition being ushered in.

The skills given in the Prenatal and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga are so key as it becomes more and more important to guide mothers towards healthy and happy home births.

Trimester specific training in Asana and much much more vital information regarding the lifestyle of the Pregnant woman and to take her through the first six months after the birth.

Trust in the experts.

Click here for more information contact us

Yogashalaibiza offers cutting edge Prenatal Teacher Training 2009 to 2017

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We are offering complimentary full 90 minute yoga sessions every afternoon from 2nd-19th May 2017!

This May from 2nd-19th inclusive, we are holding a series of complimentary yoga sessions in the afternoons at 4pm to 5.30pm in the Garden of Joy!

You may know someone who could really do with the impetus of complimentary classes to inspire them to start or restart their practice.

Come & join us in the beautiful and lush surroundings and practise a full 90 minutes of pranayamas, asanas and deep relaxation.  You will enjoy deep breathing, fully oxygenating your tissues and relaxing your nervous system.  We will follow this with an invigorating and empowering mix of asanas, including inversions, balances and backbends.  On the more nourishing side we will also explore forward bends, natural spinal alignments and relaxing restorative postures.

Who is eligible:

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner or somewhere in between all levels are welcome!  This includes pregnant students and those who have just had their baby, who wish to strengthen and empower their own bodies whilst simultaneously nurturing a deep bond with the baby. 

The benefits:

The benefits of yoga for all are numerous and amongst those include improved blood circulation, enhanced strength and flexibility, greater mental and physical prowess, better posture, improved capacity for natural breathing, greater grounding and balance in your day to day life and significant stress relief.  Yoga is also said to clear the complexion, brighten the skin and eyes, enhance mental discipline, de-clutter and soothe the mind, relieve depression and anxiety and even prevent or slow down the onset of ageing.

Alexia Eden, Yogashala Ibiza Yoga Alliance 200hour graduate 2016

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 08:19

Recent Reviews for our Teacher Training Courses

Recent Reviews for our Teacher Training Courses

Dana is a dynamic yoga and sports enthusiast, passionated about living a healthy lifestyle and ispiring people to find their own balance and happiness.
Offering yoga classes for groups as well as individual classes. Additionally special events for charity fundraising and private/public events.
In 2016 Dana completed her 200 hrs yoga teacher training at Shala Ibiza with Jacqueline Purnell. Ever since she has worked as a yoga teacher in Spain, Indonesia and Switzerland. Besides teaching yoga she is currently a student. When she was 18 she first left her home to live in Australia for 7 months. During this time she has launched her first Fundraiser run with friend of hers where we run 243km in only 12 days and fundraised for Alzheimer's Australia. Yoga was already a big part of her life by that time. It always supported her sporty activities and enriched her high intensity training. In march 2016 she ran her first Marathon in Barcelona. She sees yoga as a spiritual and physical enrichment to achieve her goals in live. Dana has travelled and lived abroad many times and got inspired by many different yoga teachers such as Sydney, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Indonesia.
Besides Hatha yoga she has knowledge in practicing Bikram, Ashtanga and Power yoga.
Dana Muller

His intensive course has given me tools and the confidence to teach and awakened an interest to learn so much more. Jacqueline created an atmosphere which brought us together as a group, motivated us and encouraged us to support one another - I feel I have made friends for life!
Karen Kileen

I have had a brilliant 3 weeks at Yogashala. I felt appreciated, supported and encouraged as an individual and this has greatly boosted my confidence. The trainer took the time to give me some advice to improve on my own personal practise which was much appreciated. Also i needed some extra practise teaching and this was provided which was very helpful for my professional development. I spent an amazing three weeks with amazing people that i feel lucky to have met and i was sad when it came to an end. I would definitely return there to do the pregnancy and postnatal course and my Advanced teacher training. The setting is beautiful and the meals were delicious. The activities were fun and I learnt so much about yoga. I came on the course to develop my own personal practise but instead have come away and am now working on a career in yoga. It was an experience im deeply thankful for.
Kayleigh Alexia Eden
5 out of 5 stars
Astrid Mangeng on Jun 02, 2016

The course is excellent in terms of practical teaching skills and experience - being exposed to teaching rapidly, and to teaching external attendees for classes right away is fantastic. The clear focus on safety and alignment will also absolutely stand me in good stead going forwards. It is clear that the leader of the course is tremendously experienced and knowledgeable in the field and she responded really well to the overall feedback from the group as the course went along as well edited.
Carla Hobart 2016
Christina Mayer on May 26, 2016

5 out of 5 stars
My experience at Yogashala Ibiza far exceeded my expectations. Jacqueline is a fun and warm and competent teacher, and I feel ready to teach and ready to further my yoga education thanks to her. Strongly recommend, five stars, amazing, brilliant-thank you!
Lynn Ramsson

My experience at Yogashala Ibiza far exceeded my expectations. Jacqueline is a fun and warm and competent teacher, and I feel ready to teach and ready to further my yoga education thanks to her. Strongly recommend, five stars, amazing, brilliant-thank you!
Raoul Defant

Yogashala Ibiza’s 300-hour advanced teacher-training prepares its trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, and to teach with greater skill, than could reasonably be expected of an RYT 200.
5 out of 5 = To a great extent.
Jona 2015

5 out of 5stars
Ivy 2015

5 out of 5stars
Julie Hanson on Sep 16, 2015

A Perfect Combination of Practical and Theoretical experience. A very thorough coverage of Anatomy and Class planning plus having a chance to teach to real pregnant ladies and mothers and babies was invaluable.
Anna 2015 Prenatal Course

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Sunday, 17 January 2016 23:38

Headstand Workshop

Headstand Workshop

£665.00 inclusive

Price includes three nights shared accommodation, all tuition, and a hearty brunch and dinner at the Garden of Joy both days. Meals are prepared using the finest available home-grown, organic vegetables.

Headstand WorkshopSchedule
Fri 6th - Arrive in Ibiza. Welcome talk.
Sat 8th & Sun 9th

06.00 - 10.00 Headstand Workshop
10.00 - 11.00 Brunch
11.00 - 16.00 Free Time
16.00 - 18.00 Headstand Workshop
18.00 - 19.00 Dinner

Mon 10th - Depart Ibiza


Accommodation is off-site in twin rooms with catering facilities. These are in apartments just 10-15 minutes walk from our centre, with a beautiful beach, local supermarkets, restaurants and cafes near by.

Single rooms are available on application for a supplement.

Headstand Workshop

What's not included

Insurance, flights and transfers to our venue are not included in the cost of the course.

We recommend that you book your flight as early as possible. Ryanair and Easyjet offer cheap flights. If you need help in finding a flight please contact us.

Taxi transfers from the airport to our centre cost approximately €35 each way.

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