Detox Yoga Retreats
Monday, 18 May 2015 20:47

YogaShala Ibiza Detox Yoga Retreats

YogaShala Ibiza Detox Yoga Retreats

Retreat highlights

Deep tissue work and massages available
Reiki healing and acupressure available
Understanding diet and lifestyle goals
Daily yoga classes by a highly qualified instructor
Simple Breakfast, and herbal teas
11 nights of accommodation

Yoga Shala Ibiza Detox Yoga Holidays in Ibiza.

Come join us at the gorgeous garden of joy where we will help you to complete a detox regime that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energetic.

• Access to a well-researched and highly regarded Detox plan.
• An atmosphere designed to help you achieve your diet and lifestyle goals
• 1 yoga class a day excluding your day off.
• Massages, Reiki healing, acupressure and deep tissue work are available at extra cost
• Breakfast and cups of herbal tea.

Jacqueline Purnell

At Yoga Shala Ibiza, our founder Jacqueline Purnell runs courses. Jacqueline is a highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher. Jacqueline Purnell, British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course Tutor and E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance teacher. Jacqueline has taught yoga for many years all over the world, including training yoga teachers for over 10 years in London and Ibiza. She originally trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Derek Ireland in India.


Yoga Shala Ibiza is held in an eco-friendly yoga center, The Garden Of Joy and is set in fabulous natural surroundings just outside Santa Eulalia and only 15 minutes drive from Ibiza town. It is just five minutes from a pebble beach and ten minutes from a shallow sandy bay and has beautiful views of the nearby "Magic Mountain" and the sea. It also has an outside shaded yoga platform and a swimming pool and as there is very little light pollution our stars twinkle very brightly.

Things to do

Although the focus is on health, while you are in Ibiza you can take the opportunity to experience aquatic sports, such as sub-aqua diving, in the beautiful clear sea, as well as, hiking and horse riding. There is also access to Reiki healing, massages, deep tissue work and acupressure. These activities are all available at extra cost.


Accommodation is just 10 to 15 minutes walk from the center and close to a beach. The apartment accommodates two people sharing one-bedroom, with twin beds and its own sitting room and kitchen. The apartment block has a cafe and pool and there are restaurants and a supermarket near by.

Features & Activities

Hiking nearby
Horse riding/rental nearby
Massage nearby
Swimming pool

Beach nearby
Restaurants nearby
Yoga shala

Shop nearby


Breakfast, and herbal teas.

We want to support our local farmers and their traditional lifestyle, and hope to form an ecological community with our neighbors. Local farmers have been farming here for generations and still farm by hand. The mountainous interior of the island is a quilt of dense pine forest and olive and almond groves. Farmers use ancient terracing to cultivate their crops and irrigation techniques introduced by the Arabs over 1,000 years ago.

What’s included

Access to a well researched and highly regarded Detox plan.
An atmosphere designed to help you achieve your diet and lifestyle goals
1 yoga classes a day.
Massages, Reiki healing, acupressure and deep tissue work available.
Beautiful location removed from noise and bustle of the real world at extra cost
Easy access to some of Ibiza's best-hidden beaches.
Breakfast and herbal teas.

What’s not included

Optional activities are not included.

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Detox Package

With the purchase of each of our Detox Holidays comes the Detox Package, posted straight to your doorstep. This means that you can get started at home before you even come out to us, optimising the results that we know you’ll achieve here. This is an ultimate 12-day internal cleanse that is designed to leave you noticeable more toned, healthier, radiantly alive and glowing with confidence.

It's called the Detox Package – but it’s more than that. It is a complete program of blood and tissue regeneration. The package contains both dietary guidance and mouth-watering recipes, but also high quality internal cleansers – these work to rejuvenate each and every organ, gland and tissue in the body, right down to the very last cell. Prepare to be astounded and pleasantly surprised by the results.

After having done the 12-day plan of the Detox Package, (or whilst you are still on it!), you’ll then join us here in Ibiza for the best bit; the crunch. We make this the most enjoyable experience for you by taking care of you from the minute you arrive with us until you depart. This isn’t just a one-off health kick for the body, this is the start of the new you. Much more than just losing weight, you tone up and hand over the logistics of the detox to us. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is taught in a fun, friendly environment so that this time you really KEEP the weight off as you start to develop healthier choices and patterns in your daily routines. So all you need to do is enjoy the sunshine, be guided by us before you will feel a new brighter and lighter you.

A great adventure is about to begin” – Winnie the Pooh

Garden of Joy

Along with the logo change we’ve been thinking about our Mission Statement here at YSI to really make it clear what we’re all about.

Detox PackageWhy do people come to yoga classes?
Every student comes to yoga somehat uniquely and with a variety of intentions: primarily for a physical workout but also to reduce stress, clear the mind, to develop more balance in life, to increase strength and flexibility, heal a physical or emotional injury and to cultiavte a happier outlook on life and a greater sense of overall well-being. Any of these sound like you? Carry on reading, this is definitely for you…

What do our classes offer?
The YSI classes are sequences that offer all of the above qualities to our students, to satisfy each of their reasons for coming. Our classes are a practice of moving into energetic balance amid the constancy of change in our lives.You will be guided in and out of postures with the rhythmic flow of the breath. This dynamic movement allows the body to open gently and deeply to assimilate the benefits of the exercise into your body.

What do our teachers do?
The YSI teachers give thoughful consideration to all elements of class, ultimately to give sequences that are informed, effective, efficient, beautiful and integrated. This blend allows a graceful transition into a gradually more sublime experience of yoga, leading to a healthy, wholesome and sustainable practice.

How will you leave us at the end of class?
The effect of our YSI method is an elegant and inwardly satisfying exercise practice that simply feels right. As you rise from the final resting posture to conclude the class, you will feel more whole and integrated than when you stepped onto your mat, with a sense of being more grounded, awake and clear. This prepares you for your next dynamic movement of the day; the moment you step off your mat into the world.

Garden of Joy

Thinking of hosting an event this summer? Whether it's simply for a gathering or photo shoot, the Garden of Joy at YSI could be the space for you. Situated in fabulous natural surroundings just outside Santa Eulalia and only a 15-minute drive from Ibiza town, it is just 5 minutes from a beautiful pebble beach and 10-minutes from a shallow sandy bay. There are beautiful views of the nearby ‘Magic Mountain’ and the sea. There is an outside shaded yoga platform perfect for a dancefloor or communal area for large groups.

The rustic Garden of Joy was custom built for yoga practice by Jacqueline and her partner Sol. It has its own organic vegetable garden and there are flowers, trees and bushes all around – you are really in the middle of a Garden of Joy!

The Garden of Joy is situated above Sol Den Serra beach, near Santa Eulalia. Follow the sign posts to Amante Beach Club. Go right through Cala Llonga, follow the road for 900 metres until you get to Amante Beach Club.


10th April 2015

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Yoga Classes Ibiza

It’s my second full day on the island and just thinking about it everything has happened so fast already! I gave up my tenancy of my flat in the UK only a week ago, put everything into storage, packed up my car, and headed off to follow my dream of becoming a yoga teacher in Ibiza.

Time goes in a special kind of way on this island – it seems to be much more fluid and relaxed than back home. This morning I did my own yoga practice alone before the sun came up, which was wonderful. I love to be in a class having corrections from teachers and experiencing the energies of other people, but my home-practice is my sort of guilty pleasure. I think it is important to do your own practice in between classes to keep your body agile, to remember what you’ve learnt in previous classes, and to really get to know your own body in the stillness and quiet that comes with being alone. B.K.S. Iyengar in his book Light on Yoga said, “It is only through the mirror of yoga that the whole of man reflects to know himself.

At the end of this class I put my palms together, bowed my head, closed my eyes and said the words ‘Namaste’ . And that got me thinking, why do I do that? Why do we all do that at the end of a yoga class? And do we have to be ‘spiritual’ in order to say it?

In short – I think the answer is no, we don’t need to be spiritual to say this. In Hinduism Namaste means ‘I bow to the divine in you.’, but it really is just a concept of how to respectfully greet another person. In fact - when I worked in a yoga studio in London one of our clients refused to believe that it wasn’t just ‘Have-a-nice-day’ spoken really fast!

Namaste (spoken ‘nah-mas-tay’) may just be one word, but the meaning behind it is explained through a whole phrase. ‘Nama’ means to bow, ‘as’ means I , and ‘te’ means you – so literally it means ‘I bow to you’. It is done at the end of a yoga class to sort of bridge the gap between teacher and student, bringing a nice energetic union when the mind is less active and the atmosphere more peaceful. Some of my friends have commented how they would feel embarassed to say it at the end of a class as they don’t feel they are a true ‘yogi’ – but anyone can say it without any beliefs or knowledge behind it, it is purely a nice greeting.

A nice explanation that I found of Namaste is here:

My soul honours your soul.
I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.
All of this form just one word! What a beautiful way to end each and every class.

After this home-practice I spent the rest of the day organising myself for the work that I’ll be doing here. I ate my lunch on Talamanca beach and took in some wonderful Mediterranean rays before a meeting with Jacqueline, the YogaShala Ibiza founder, in Santa Gertrudis. Jacqueline totally got me for April Fool’s today as she got me believing that the Bougainvillaea bushes on Ibiza were moving around at night, which we both found hilarious.

There are so many exciting things that we’re doing as a company over the next few months – free classes at the Garden of Joy over the May period, the Detox Holidays, the Pregnancy and Post-Natal Module and the 200-hour Teacher Training that I’ll be on.

I feel so lucky for Jacqueline to have taken me on, and feel blessed to be able to share my journey through these blogs with our readers. Jacqueline has so much knowledge about yoga from years of learning, and I feel like I am ‘downloading’ her amazing information into my mind – how fortunate am I! The meeting was all talk of new posters, leaflets, newsletters and website changes.
So watch this space – we’re about to get busy!

Talking of getting busier - it is amazing to see how each day that passes the roads get a bit busier, there are more people out, the shop owners are sprucing up their places with a splash of paint, the beach clubs are preparing their outside seating areas, new umbrellas and signs go up – the island is preparing for the high season to come and the feeling of summer is beginning to vibrate through every place, person and thing.

1st April 2015

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