Headstand Workshops

Headstand Workshops

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 Headstand Workshop 

Headstands, otherwise known as Sirsanana, is the Father of all yoga asanas and is one of the most important along with the shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) and the Lotus (Padmasana). They all heat the body, stimulate the nervous system, tone the neck muscles and stimulate the mind whilst allowing clean, healthy blood to circulate around the neck and chest.

However, Sirsanana must never be attempted alone especially if your new to yoga therefore it is vital to have the guidance of a trained teacher to ensure you are not compounding any mistakes. And what better way to gain your confidence in starting your Headstand practice than to work closely with an experienced teacher on a two day Headstand Workshop here in Ibiza.

At the Garden Of Joy our experienced tutors will work on a one-2-one basis with you to allow your spine to become properly aligned, improve your posture and facilitate good breathing

If this course interests you please check with your GP first that you have no conditions that would contradict then go to the Costs and Dates page for more info.