Postnatal Recovery, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

The Woman Retreat

Warning this yoga practice will change your shape!

Jacqueline Purnell has designed a whole weeks worth of yoga practice which has a main focus for weight loss.

The Woman Retreat

This “baby and me” sequence is designed to reconnect you with your abdominal muscles and tone them while burning fat.

Gentle stretches that are cleverly aimed at going deeper into areas that can be re-awakened after birth. Target areas that allow a relaxed and calm mindset for parenting.

All levels are catered for. From complete beginners to more advanced practitioners. First time mums and second and third time and beyond.

The Woman RetreatJacqueline Purnell is a prime mover in identifying the need for offering Yoga to all adults including mothers with babies.
It is a time in a woman's life that can be enhanced greatly by safe and appropriate yoga practices.
Jacqueline is known for creating safe and respectful spaces for women to be facilitated to find balance in this special time in their lives and their families' lives.
Increasing strength and flexibility to support your ascent beyond your childbirth.
Jacqueline has put together a programme, which combines breath work and flowing postures to optimise safety and fluidity within the practice.
Lots of mums are referred to by their midwives and doctors and during their Yoga sessions they have the opportunity to develop a profound bond with their babies.

As well as enhancing the vitality, mobility, general health and emotional health. Baby and Me Yoga also provides a valuable quiet space in which to develop a deep bonding relationship with the baby.
Postnatal recovery yoga for healing and vitality; asana, meditation and deep relaxation with babies for each developmental stage during the first six months of life, we will use this practice of yoga to build physical and emotional contact between parents and their babies and to promote contentment in family life, the use of language, yoga games, songs and pair work in baby and me yoga sessions.

The Woman Retreat

Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell is there to guide you through the steps towards your new connection with your body and your new baby and this will permeate out in positive ways to those around you.

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Days Consisting of Continuous Professional Development in London.

Inspiring and Creating a variety of New Days for 2017 and beyond

One area of work Jacqueline Purnell Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 orchestrates and loves is encouraging experts in their fields to create new and exciting days to be aired first in Central London.

Event management is a passion for Jacqueline, from the first stages all the way through to delivery.

Inspiring and Creating a variety of New Days for 2017 and beyondHere is a short synopsis Jacqueline coaxed from one of her expert teachers:

"We will look at the engineering of the lumbar spine, both in terms of physical structure and also the mechanism of control of stability in this necessarily unstable area of the body. We will explore the implications of this understanding in the practice of yoga asana, considering aspects of safety and the differences between individuals. Shoulders are a complex area of the body and have a large emotional and expressive component in the way they are organised in each of us. We will explore how this impacts yoga teaching and the language we use for instruction-giving, in the afternoon. "

Encouraging Teachers to refresh their expertise on an annual basis is part and parcel of the continuing excellence at

From Anatomy and Physiology to Philosophy, keep connected to radical new ideas by signing up to our newsletter.

Inspiring and Creating a variety of New Days for 2017 and beyond


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Michaela has been practicing yoga and working with people to help them cope with the day to day stresses of daily life for over 20 years.

Her desire to train as a Yoga Alliance USA 200 hour teacher arose because of her own profound physical and mental benefits gained through practicing yoga, which she wanted to share with others.

She is also trained in holistic health & nutrition, massage and Kundalini Yoga Level 1.

Michaela enjoys implementing the broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology passend on to her by her teacher Jacqueline Purnell in her yoga classes adapting the practice to students, not the other way around. At Yogashala Ibiza she also realized the importance of assisting
her students connect to their breath.

She is inspired by her continual international education in various styles of yoga, and teaches Hatha and Vinyasa classes. Michaela teaches in German and English.

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We at Yoga Teacher Training Ibiza are thrilled to introduce outré new recent Graduate Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hours Sian.

Sian discovered yoga following a serious back injury snowboarding. She realised that in order to maintain strength and mobility she needed to practice yoga daily. She then discovered yIn and restorative as a way to recover herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She holds a degree in psychology, words as a health and nutrition coach and spends as much time as possible snowboarding, mountain biking & surfing.

Sian trained as a 200hr yoga Alliance teacher at Yogashalaibiza. As well as learning about the vast history of yoga through the ages, she also learned about the importance of empathy and alignment when going students trough their practice. She particularly enjoyed increasing her baseline knowledge of anatomy & physiology and how it relates to yoga. The practice of relaxation is one she feels is of particular importance in the modern world.

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Detox Package

With the purchase of each of our Detox Holidays comes the Detox Package, posted straight to your doorstep. This means that you can get started at home before you even come out to us, optimising the results that we know you’ll achieve here. This is an ultimate 12-day internal cleanse that is designed to leave you noticeable more toned, healthier, radiantly alive and glowing with confidence.

It's called the Detox Package – but it’s more than that. It is a complete program of blood and tissue regeneration. The package contains both dietary guidance and mouth-watering recipes, but also high quality internal cleansers – these work to rejuvenate each and every organ, gland and tissue in the body, right down to the very last cell. Prepare to be astounded and pleasantly surprised by the results.

After having done the 12-day plan of the Detox Package, (or whilst you are still on it!), you’ll then join us here in Ibiza for the best bit; the crunch. We make this the most enjoyable experience for you by taking care of you from the minute you arrive with us until you depart. This isn’t just a one-off health kick for the body, this is the start of the new you. Much more than just losing weight, you tone up and hand over the logistics of the detox to us. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is taught in a fun, friendly environment so that this time you really KEEP the weight off as you start to develop healthier choices and patterns in your daily routines. So all you need to do is enjoy the sunshine, be guided by us before you will feel a new brighter and lighter you.

A great adventure is about to begin” – Winnie the Pooh

Garden of Joy

Along with the logo change we’ve been thinking about our Mission Statement here at YSI to really make it clear what we’re all about.

Detox PackageWhy do people come to yoga classes?
Every student comes to yoga somehat uniquely and with a variety of intentions: primarily for a physical workout but also to reduce stress, clear the mind, to develop more balance in life, to increase strength and flexibility, heal a physical or emotional injury and to cultiavte a happier outlook on life and a greater sense of overall well-being. Any of these sound like you? Carry on reading, this is definitely for you…

What do our classes offer?
The YSI classes are sequences that offer all of the above qualities to our students, to satisfy each of their reasons for coming. Our classes are a practice of moving into energetic balance amid the constancy of change in our lives.You will be guided in and out of postures with the rhythmic flow of the breath. This dynamic movement allows the body to open gently and deeply to assimilate the benefits of the exercise into your body.

What do our teachers do?
The YSI teachers give thoughful consideration to all elements of class, ultimately to give sequences that are informed, effective, efficient, beautiful and integrated. This blend allows a graceful transition into a gradually more sublime experience of yoga, leading to a healthy, wholesome and sustainable practice.

How will you leave us at the end of class?
The effect of our YSI method is an elegant and inwardly satisfying exercise practice that simply feels right. As you rise from the final resting posture to conclude the class, you will feel more whole and integrated than when you stepped onto your mat, with a sense of being more grounded, awake and clear. This prepares you for your next dynamic movement of the day; the moment you step off your mat into the world.

Garden of Joy

Thinking of hosting an event this summer? Whether it's simply for a gathering or photo shoot, the Garden of Joy at YSI could be the space for you. Situated in fabulous natural surroundings just outside Santa Eulalia and only a 15-minute drive from Ibiza town, it is just 5 minutes from a beautiful pebble beach and 10-minutes from a shallow sandy bay. There are beautiful views of the nearby ‘Magic Mountain’ and the sea. There is an outside shaded yoga platform perfect for a dancefloor or communal area for large groups.

The rustic Garden of Joy was custom built for yoga practice by Jacqueline and her partner Sol. It has its own organic vegetable garden and there are flowers, trees and bushes all around – you are really in the middle of a Garden of Joy!

The Garden of Joy is situated above Sol Den Serra beach, near Santa Eulalia. Follow the sign posts to Amante Beach Club. Go right through Cala Llonga, follow the road for 900 metres until you get to Amante Beach Club.


10th April 2015

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The Garden Of Joy

Our rustic Garden Of Joy was custom built for yoga practice by Jacqueline and her partner Sol, who is also the resident chef. It has its own organic vegetable garden offering fresh veg for your meals and as water conservation and recycling techniques are very important here therefore all of our water comes from our well.

We collect rainwater to irrigate our garden and organic vegetable area, and use seaweed to fertilise our soil, which is an application of permaculture techniques that we are learning. In future, we hope to add desalination options using local techniques and invest in new alternative energy sources.

We are committed to renovating and maintaining our centre with locally-sourced materials. We also aim to be as self-sufficient and eco-friendly as possible, using energy-saving lightbulbs and our own candles handmade from natural materials such as beeswax and essential oils.

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Who is this suitable for?

Who is this suitable for?

Whether you have been practicing for many years or are relatively new to yoga, our intensive teacher training course offers the opportunity for you to understand, deepen your appreciation and develop the skills required to teach within the vibrant world of yoga. It is a demanding and challenging course, but the combination of skills and knowledge that you will learn make this a truly life-enhancing experience.

Although the course is designed for yoga students who have a strong desire to teach, it is also ideal for those who are looking to immerse themselves further in their yoga and take time for reflective personal development.

You will enjoy plenty of outdoor space and warmth, ideal for the practice, study and contemplation of yoga. Nevertheless, potential students should be aware that it is an intensive and demanding course.

Training courses at Yogashala Ibiza are held in our new eco-friendly yoga centre "Garden of Joy", where we pay great attention to the environment and the community in which we live.

All teacher training courses are alcohol and drug free.

Please see the costs & dates for our teacher training courses.

Please note that if you choose a single room and pay the supplement this has to be paid before arrival and cannot be changed after your arrival. Although you will not be sharing your bedroom (same sex) you will be sharing the apartment and have your own single supplement which is a twin bed room within the apartment.

Please note people who are not participating in the Course will not be allowed to stay at the accommodation under any circumstances.

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