500 Hour Ibiza Yoga Teacher Training

Beautiful Insta Midwife Clemmie Hooper is a dream baby catcher for our Millenial mums to be.

In the staff blog at KCL she was asked:

"What’s your proudest achievement in your career to date?

For every woman I look after in labour and help her achieve the birth she wants, I feel an immense sense of pride. Not just for myself, but for the woman too."

This can be a mission statement for yoga teachers too in the journey of the preparation towards birth, we are so looking forward to welcoming people with an interest in this mission.

Midwives, Doolas,Birth Educators and all Health Professionals involved in Prenatal and Postnatal women and their families.

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Let 2017 be your year to shine and join us for your Certification here in Ibiza.

For details contact us

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Sequencing of Vinyasa Flow to Forearm Balance or in Sanskrit "Pincha Mayurasana"

Jacqueline wanted to thank the thirty or so teachers who attended her following workshop it was a lively day and as always the learning was both ways.

Date/Time - 12/03/2016 / All Day
The Costessey Centre
Longwater Lane
NR8 5AH Costessey
Norfolk, England
Aims of the Morning

• Instructing Sequencing & incorporating Vinyasa Flows towards Full Pincha Mayurasana Forearm Balance.
• Exploration of the mechanics of asana involved in Forearm Balance and its modifications


A workshop for Teachers by Jacqueline Purnell in NorfolkBy the end of the morning the students will (be able to):
– Practise a sequence of postures relating to Forearm Balance within various groups of asana
– Utilise their charts to notate their sequencing of Vinyasa Flows and explore creating their own versions

Aims of the Afternoon

– To offer students the opportunity to develop deeper knowledge of the physical foundations of Arm Balances.
– To explore the delivery of gateways into the keynote asana within other groups of asana


By the end of the afternoon the students will (be able to):
– Reproduce the sequence/Vinyasa Flow moving towards full Forearm balance or a modification
– Utilise their charts to notate preventative practice for protection of vulnerable areas

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Interactive handouts
Methods of presenting the subject

Talks & discussions, demonstration, detailed verbal instructions.
Assessment: question and answer, feedback and observation

About the Tutor Jacqueline Purnell ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance, BWY Dip.

Jacqueline is a BWY Diploma Course Tutor and is licensed to teach the BWY Foundation Course One and Two. A qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher, she also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga.

Jacqueline has been described as a leading innovator in the instruction of Vinyasa Flow Yoga— guiding teachers and student teachers to create transformational vinyasa flow sequences to enhance their teaching and their understanding of Flow.

Jacqueline integrates the Breath in synchronisation with the most creative and demanding of Flows.

Also known for bringing the seeds of challenging postures alive for modern practitioners. Practitioners who wish to go deeper, to smoothly transform their practice into a truly life-transforming journey.

A workshop for Teachers by Jacqueline Purnell in Norfolk

Outline plan for the day

10.00– 10.10 Introduction, housekeeping
10.10 – 11.00 Introduction of various Arm Balances, Pavanmuktasana,Bandha,Pranayama
11.00 – 11.30 Lecture and Q&A (handouts)
11.30 – 11.50 Tea Break
11.50 – 12.40 Lead asana practice dynamic sequences incorporating pavanmuktasana
12.40 – 13.00 Feedback, discussion, Q&A
13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH
14.00 – 14.45 Further feedback, practical work with handouts and Q&A
14.45 – 15.30 Lead asana practice facilitating safe techniques to develop towards keynote posture
15.30 – 16.00 Evaluation questionnaire (given and collected by host),

Other information and what to bring with you on the day.

Bring yoga mat and wear appropriate clothing.
Also bring a belt, yoga blocks and a blanket for relaxation.

Bring your own lunch, mug, colouring pens/crayons paper, yoga props and layers for warmth

Looking for new ways to present challenging postures? Then join Jacqueline on the journey of leading to Inversions.


Dear Jacqueline,
I so enjoyed the day with you, and learnt so much.
Guildford December 2015

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Ibiza Essential

Yoginis Laura and Jacqueline MTV films at Yogashalaibiza 2011

Jacqueline Purnell pursued a successful high pressure career in the city for over a decade before coming to the realisation that she needed a complete change of direction. This change took her east to India and a Astanga Vinyas Yoga training course, where, on completion, a Vedic Astrologer created her chart, discovering that she had a “joyful duty to train Yoga teachers”. After a journey that continued around the world, Jacqueline has settled in Ibiza, where, amongst other things, her Yogashala sanctuary is instrumental in preparing new Yoga teachers. Essentialibiza caught up with Jacqueline to get a sense of her journey and what Yogashalaibiza offers…

What is Yogashala Ibiza?
Yogashalaibiza is a sanctuary of self-discovery for those who are drawn to taking personal journeys within. Ibiza is steeped in history, going back to the time of the Moors and in many ways still unspoiled, the island of Ibiza has so much to offer with its wonderful restaurants, breathtaking sunsets, many beaches and of course, its spirituality… and Yoga is a great way to experience the spiritual side of Ibiza.

What classes/ courses do you offer?
Jivamukti Yoga classes group and 121
Pregnancy Yoga classes
Baby & Me Yoga classes
Yoga diving combines Yoga and Scuba Diving

The Yoga Alliance 200 and 500 hour Yoga teacher training courses at Yogashala Ibiza are held in its own eco-friendly yoga centre… The Garden of Joy situated in a sweet aromatic pine forest with a pool, stunning views of the mountains and only two minutes from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The 200-hour course is designed for yoga students with a strong desire to teach as well as those looking to immerse themselves further in their yoga and take time for reflective personal development. In a sea of 200-hour graduates, it’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. More and more employers are searching for yoga teachers who have advanced level qualifications. We all know that when it comes to yoga the learning never ends; but by holding a 500-hour designation you show yourself to be a teacher with a difference. Our advanced training programme delivers 300-hours of higher level yoga training. These hours are added to your existing 200-hour certification, and allow you to become registered with Yoga Alliance at as a RYT-500.Ibiza Yoga Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training – 85 Hour Module. Workshops, Weekend Headstand Workshops and Yoga Holidays.


Where can we find your classes?
The Garden of Joy, Sol Den Serra (next to Amante Beach Club)
Santa Gertrudis & Ibiza Town.

You offer Yoga teacher training, what advice would you offer someone interested in becoming a teacher?
When you start to research your Teacher Training, find a Teacher you feel you resonate with, somebody you actually like and feel respect for. Be careful not to follow a teacher because everyone else does, in short do not fall prey to a ‘cult of personality’. A true teacher will show their faults and attest that they have made mistakes, (many in my case!) in order to enable you to short cut those mistakes. Ensure your Teacher has a sound business element to their Teacher Training Course as if you do wish to become a full time Yoga Teacher you need sound advice and quality support. Teaching Yoga to earn your living is demanding and yet possibly one of the most fulfilling livelihoods on the planet if you get it right!

The Yogashala family of teachers is our ongoing support system and they are worldwide, our graduates speak for the practicality and user-friendliness of our Teacher Training Courses. Perhaps you already have your 200 Hour Certification and are looking to deepen your knowledge and your practice of teaching, again notice the experience of your teaching faculty and their ability to attract students and immerse yourself in our 500 Hour advanced Teacher Training Courses. You may be looking to specialize, then we recommend our Prenatal Module 85 Hours of practical Teacher Training in this much needed area of Yoga, from conception to babies of six month old, a truly socially conscious business.

When the uninformed think of Yoga we envisage classes of people stretching on their mats, but you offer much more than the normal yoga, tell us about the pregnancy yoga and the baby and me classes?
Jacqueline and Judith TrikWith the pregnancy Yoga it always feels as though the babies bring their mums along, we always joke about this as who knows it could well be true! Pregnancy and birth are quite possibly the two most powerful experiences in a woman’s life. The journey from conception to birthing to holding a new baby in your arms contains the full spectrum of human emotion and physicality. Strength, fear, love, anxiety, intense sensations, excitement, power and the huge leap into the unknown, it is a period of life that encompasses many phases from pure nausea, blissful hormonal rushes, manic organisational efforts, and weeks and weeks of butterfly inducing anticipation. And when baby arrives the female mind and body is again called into a complete, all encompassing service. Imagine coming into this period of your life with clarity, strength of mind and body and awareness. Imagine a conscious and loving conception. Imagine a joyful birth full of laughter. Imagine a period after birthing where you are able to tap into a deep peace and understanding, where conscious choice and inner wisdom guide you. Yoga can take you there.

Such a special time: the first six months of your baby’s life. It seems the babies already have a natural connection to yoga. It seems as if it is somehow innate, as if the yoga is within waiting to be uncovered. Babies display a kind of inner knowledge as they join with their mothers to create yoga together. I feel so blissed out sharing and holding the space for such a wonderful energy exchange. It is a time of deep bonding, mums just stare joyfully into their offspring’s eyes, totally joyous to behold. As if the time is precious for both mothers and their babies to deepen their relationship in a different dimension. A union. I enjoy teaching Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal recovery with the babies and their mums, I recommend this to all teachers as a wonderful and creative pathway to specialise in.

What does yoga bring to people’s life?

You offer Yoga holidays, what do these include?
We will be holding Yoga Boot Camp Holidays starting on May 17 – May 24 2014 and during the following weeks you may come for two or three weeks. Our yoga holidays include… A welcoming ceremony where we share our local knowledge of magical beaches, authentic and fine dining and places to dance (full concierge service if required). Two classes per day for one week with one free day – 11 classes altogether, with the last class on the morning of departure. Simple fruit and muesli breakfast except on free day. Accommodation in Spanish family-run apartments with a pool and with own bathroom. Massages and treatments, including Reiki healing, acupressure and deep tissue work (available daily depending on requirements charges apply). Meditation and chanting (subject to the group’s requirements).
Scuba dive options daily.

Where did your Yoga journey start?
My mother first introduced me to yoga as a child. When I reached adulthood I worked in the city, initially as a Reinsurance Broker at Lloyds, then a Reinsurance Underwriter with a multi-million pound portfolio. But after ten years in this profession I realised I needed a complete career change. I trained in Astanga Vinyas Yoga in India and soon after my training course a Vedic Astrologer offered to create my chart for free and he discovered something striking called a “Yoga” – “a joyful duty to train Yoga Teachers”. So with my family in tow I travelled to Thailand and the Red Sea, eventually teaching at many inspiring retreats and studying with many yoga masters. It was at this time I also developed my own brand of Yoga Scuba Diving.

I now serve as BWY Regional Training Officer for London, organising dozens of training events, creating vibrant opportunities for continuous professional development in the capital city and in 2007 my career and my wonderful partner Sol brought me to Ibiza (the Himalayas of the Mediterranean) for our first Yoga holiday. As a certified Doula, I can combine my joy of teaching Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga into my teachings. Ayurveda, Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology feature heavily in the Yogashala Ibiza Teacher Training courses and are specialities in the 200 and 500 Hour and Pregnancy Modules. Students from all over the world have been attracted to Yogashala Ibiza, from Azerbaijan to New Orleans, Texas to Switzerland and more men are embracing the injury prevention aspect every year; a snowboard instructor from Argentina, a Native American Indian from Manitoba and a Mallorquin surfing instructor have all empowered to share their love of teaching Yoga.

How much satisfaction do you get when you have successfully helped someone start their own journey through your teacher classes?
This morning I opened this lovely email that I feel answers your question…“Meet Fernanda, a graduate of Yoga Shala Ibiza Teacher Training Program. A practicing yogini since 1999, Fernanda graduated from the Yogashala Ibiza Teacher Training Program in 2011. Since then, she has been busy teaching a variety of yoga styles in Basel, Switzerland where she currently resides. Fernanda remembers her Yoga Teacher Training at YogaShala Ibiza as a memorable time building community and exploring the depths of yoga. “My time in Ibiza with Jacqueline planted seeds in my body, mind, and spirit that to this day are still growing. Jacqueline has a tremendous wealth and depth of yoga knowledge that she shares easily and effortlessly with her students. In addition, the yoga community that builds with the other yoga students is a tremendous source of support not only while in Ibiza, but also beyond. The students, the location and Jacqueline’s expertise combined to make the YogaShala Ibiza training a strong foundation to help me gain the tools and experience necessary to begin teaching yoga. When you train with Jacqueline, you have a mentor and a yoga guide for life!” Fernanda first fell in love with yoga because of the physical benefits of the practice. Over time, as the seeds planted from the YogaShala Ibiza training have germinated, yoga has infused itself deep into her body and mind and she is continuously discovering new depths to her practice. She finds that no matter what is going on in her life, she always feels more relaxed, more space in her body and mind, and more grounded after a practice.”

You’ve taught Yoga across the world, what made you choose Ibiza as the place to offer Yogashala?
It is true that I didn’t arrive to Ibiza’s beautiful shores until 2007 and all of my friends said that I would love Ibiza and they were so right! We have focused on Ibiza, as it is a space on the planet like no other,. I remember reading before I came that the veil between the real and the unreal is very thin over Ibiza. Everyone I have met in Ibiza, no matter what his or her beliefs, seems to feel that this is true.

What is it about the island that inspires you?
Although the focus with us is on yoga, while you are in Ibiza you can take the opportunity to experience aquatic sports, such as windsurfing and sub-aqua diving, in the beautiful clear sea, as well as hiking and horse-riding. It’s very easy to commute around the island by bus and small ferryboats, and we can provide local knowledge to help you find your way around Ibiza on your days off. We want to support our local farmers and their traditional lifestyle, and hope to form an ecological community with our neighbours. The Ibicenco people living in these rural areas are an extremely dignified people; their lives edging gently forwards in a time-honoured fashion with so many treasured techniques to share. Local farmers have been farming here for generations and still farm by hand. The mountainous interior of the island is a quilt of dense pine forest and olive and almond groves. Farmers use ancient terracing to cultivate their crops and irrigation techniques introduced by the Arabs over 1,000 years ago. We like to call Ibiza the Himalayas of the Mediterranean – we love Ibiza.

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500 Hour Ibiza Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Ibiza Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Alliance 300/500 Hour Registry Mark logoYOGASHALA IBIZA 500-HOUR ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING


500 Hour
(NEW) Week long Modules to complete the 300 Hour Advanced TTC running through the winter months
£3995.00 inclusive

Lynn RIn a sea of 200-hour graduates, it’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. More and more employers are searching for yoga teachers who have advanced level qualifications.

We all know that when it comes to yoga the learning never ends; but by holding a 500-hour designation you show yourself to be a teacher with a difference.

Our advanced training programme delivers 300-hours of higher level yoga training. These hours are added to your existing 200-hour certification, and allow you to become registered with Yoga Alliance at as a RYT-500.

Yogashala Ibiza runs Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training Programmes in the beautiful natural setting of The Garden of Joy on the coast of the White Isle. Our course is a practical teacher training designed to deepen your own practice, hone your skills as a Yoga teacher and dive deeper in the yoga tradition.

YOGASHALA IBIZA 500-HOUR ADVANCED TEACHER TRAININGOur course includes an intensive asana and meditation practice, journaling, study of set texts, anatomy and a thorough analysis of teaching methodology. We focus on Lesson Planning for you to develop ways to create new and exciting class sequences.

Entry requirements to the training:

A recognised 200-hour certificate.

A minimum of 50 hours teaching experience.

A serious commitment to delve deeper into the yoga tradition.

Please see the costs & dates for availability on our advanced teacher training courses.

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