A day in the life

A day in the life of a Yoga Teacher Trainee

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Yoga Teacher Trainee

Woke up at 5.30am when the alarm went off. Left the hotel and started the 10 min walk to the yoga retreat. My roommate and myself decided to walk in silence as recommended by our teacher so I used this time to practice my positive affirmation.

A day in the life of a Yoga Teacher TraineeArrived at the centre and swept the platform ready for our morning meditation. The group did really well and we managed to sit for 40 minutes. I've really progressed in my personal meditation and would never have imagined meditating for this long at home. Being away from everything and listening to the nearby sounds of the waves and crickets have really helped. Something feels different being on the island. Is it the energy?

After meditation we discussed the Bhagavad Gita by using study cards and texts. Reading the book before I got here has really helped. We looked behind the use of metaphor and how we could apply the meaning to our lives today.

8am Jacqueline led a yoga class and incorporated some different styles into the practice as well as the 'Sivananda' inspired sequence that we have been learning.

10am we went up to the house, blessed the food and had some well needed brunch cooked lovingly by Sol. Then more Karma Yoga and Theory and Practical sessions. Decided to go down to the beach at Amante for our 1 hour break and do some revision for the exam. Also need to think about my sequence for the demonstration.

As always 2pm came around very quickly. We all congregated by the pool for our afternoon lecture on anatomy and physiology. I wish I had listened more in my science classes! We then did our teaching practice, which went quite well today. I was chosen to teach the sun salutations. I'm really starting to grasp the sequence now – thank goodness!

After class we all did our designated jobs (karma yoga) I watered the garden and swept the area by the pool. Tried to do my positive affirmations again but Jonathon was making me laugh with his impressions! Walked back to the hotel with the others.

Settled down at 8pm with the others to work on the guided study, for my favourite time of the day. It feels so peaceful and settling when the sun goes down. There is something about the evening energy that brings us closer together as a group. Maybe its because the topics of discussion during the day are usually quite intimate and powerful. Earlier today we discussed reincarnation. 

Fell in to bed extremely tired. Realised once again however that it was that lovely tired that I used to experience as a child having spent the day with the horses. Not the stressed, computer induced lethargy that I have been experiencing all to often in recent years.